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A 'singer', which in Disney definitions, is someone who has a television show, hosts award shows, has concerts and movies, and multiple CDs, but has no talent in singing, dancing or acting whatsoever.

Her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. Her father is Billy Ray Cyrus (never a huge hit among people, either). Her sister is Noah Cyrus and is getting a bunch of attention (like Ponyo) because she is a whore's sister. Yay, Noah. God, I hate her just because of her attention.

She's kind of a ho. Not a bunch, but admit it, she's not clean. Her newest song, "Party in the USA", is about living it up in the city of *he hem* "Sex" and "dance clubs which play Miley Cyrus's music". Which fantasy club is Miley Cyrus attending? Plus, her dance at the Nick Choice Awards weren't exactly sex-free either, although she obviously thought otherwise: "I thank Jesus for all mah ho like dance moves. Let's all pray to Jesus, ya'll, even though ya'll ain't ya'll all ya'll atheist. Ya'll."

She's also known as a twitter whore for her obsessive twittering and for her annoying Youtube show about her and her best friend Mandy (twice as annoying) and their lives and events.

Most people think 11-15 year old girls love her and the ]Jo Bros] and Demi Levato and such. Actually, most of these girls hate them all (some freakish ones like Jo Bros). Go to your average middle school or elementary school and everyone 10+ will hate her.

I think she is famous for being famous because she SUCKS. Worst singer/actor/dancer ever, maybe besides the Jonas Brothers.
Smart: Ew, Miley Cyrus!
Miley Cyrus: Hey ya'll. I'm so cool cause Imma girl who is so country. Wait, I'm hip-hop. No, rap. Pop. Wait, I'm scene! Wait...
Dumb: I luv her I wish I had her smarts and talurnt hur hur
Miley Cyrus: I'm glad that ALL my fans are everyone in the world and they all love me, I love you, fans!
Smart: Not even close, you slut.
by Milez of Gayz August 15, 2009
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