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An iPod is the most popular way of playing music on the go. Most of the people who say its a peice of shit are the people who havent got one and cant afford one. If you are one of those people, see if you can get your hands on one and have a play with it.

I have a 60GB 5G iPod and im very happy with it, it has 6136 songs, 23 videos (7 movies), 12 games, about 700 pictures and i still have 23gb left.

Good features:
Sleek design
Huge capacity
Great sound quality
Plays games and can run the Linux OS
Good screen size to watch videos and view photos
Pocket size

Bad Features:
Easily scratchable (I bought one)
Need to use iTunes (Can use alternates)
Slow responses
Doesnt come with an AC-Charger (I bought one)
iTunes products are overpriced in the UK compared to prices in the US.

Don't judge the iPod simply on the price, i paid £160 for mine and i think thats a great price for a 60GB 5G iPod.
Me: I just got my new 60GB iPod, watch this video!

You: iPods suck, i got this cool mp4 player for much cheaper and it does the same thing as the iPod.

Me: Can it play games, quicktime formatted videos, aac audio? Does it have a calender, clock, notes function?

You: Erm, no...I always thought that iPods sucked, let me have a look at that!

Me: You thought iPods sucked because of the reviews you read from people who never tried an iPod and couldnt afford one. Now you try it for yourself and dont stereo type the iPod as shit, its a good peice of eqipment.

You: Wow, this is pretty cool, i wish i didnt come onto urban dictionary and read all the bullshit people post.

Me: To everyone in the world, iPods arent bad, people arent rich. Simple.
by Mikey Sorbo December 23, 2006
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