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A group of elite baseball players,
must obtain a natural aptitude for baseball,
and be have skills well beyond the
comprehension of others. Purely Badass.
Guy1: "wow, those guys are good, who are they"?

Guy2: "thats John, Mike, and Reuben"

Guy1: "those guys must be LOD"
by MikeJ57 June 18, 2011
A cataract is a clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or in its envelope, varying in degree from slight to complete Blindness and obstructing the passage of light. It is also what most asians mistakenly call a Cadillac, beliveing that it is a kind of car.
Eye Docter: "Sir, I have discovered you have a cateract."

Asian Man: "I ain't got no cateract, I drive a Rincoln Continential!!"

Eye Doctor: "Sir, a cateract causes you to lose vision, it's not a type of car."

Asian Man: "Whatever Doc, you a quack, Im gonna reave and go get a Coca-Cora, hope you didn't forget to rock the door to your cateract Bitch!!
by MikeJ57 November 09, 2011
Being just like Him, Jesus H. Christ, knowing everything, and having the ability to out-do Chuck Norris
Guy1: "Wow, look at that homerun, he must have hit it 500ft"

Guy2: "Yeah, that was Byrdesque"
by MikeJ57 June 18, 2011
The Asian pronunciation of the delectable beverage Coca-Cola. Many other mispronunciations may also be used, such as sreet tea for sweet tea, and Peshi Cora for Pepsi Cola. These people should really learn proper Engrish!!!
Asian: "What you want drink!!?"

Guy: "Coca-Cola"

Asian: "We no got Coca-Cora, you drink Peshi instead!!"

Guy: "uhhh...... ok??"
by MikeJ57 November 09, 2011
To hit a dick slap (Homerun) in the sport of baseball. A variation of a dinger, long ball, or a crush ball. Dropping dick on a ball. At least a 500 ft. shot.
Announcer: Jackson is up, with 2 on in the bottom of the 9th. He appears to have the bunt sign, but he is waving it off. The pitch... and you can KISS IT GOODBYE!!! That ball went a cool 500ft. !!

Jackson: Dick Slap City Baby!!!

Dugout: Woooo!! He sent that ball to Dick Slap City!!!
by MikeJ57 October 22, 2013

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