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A euphemism describing a woman's landing strip when she is on her period, although the term is generally viewed as more offensive after its actual meaning is understood.

The phrase was created in reference to the bloody region in the Middle East with the same name, the Gaza Strip. Although the term has been in common usage for decades, it experienced a resurgence in popularity after recent fighting between Israel and Palestinian over the patch of land. Coincidentally, this coincided with a massive increase in both the popularity of landing strips and unusually heavy menstrual cycles (citation needed). Although the term is typically used when describing a heavy flow, such as that with the consistency of tomato sauce, it can be applied to any situation where a landing strip and period present together.
Reggie: Did you slam with that trick last night dawg?!
Troy: You know I did! She had a Gaza Strip and I still went in.
Reggie: Goddamn! Don't be stupid doh, use protection in hostile areas.
Troy: All good homes she's off her period tonight.
Reggie: Peace in the Middle East?
Troy: Church.
by Mike-G January 04, 2013

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