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PS3 gamers that suck the life out of the games for their enjoyment of having more trophies, even if they don't like the game they'll still play.

True gamers don't do this because they aren't into this kind of bs!
Hey dude I got 14 Platinum trophies, 20 Gold and 400 Silver.

Okay but that's useless, no one cares apart from Trophy Whores.
by Mike JM November 05, 2010
It's a lot like Rugby, they just use way too much gear as if they were going to war, which in this case they get their body broken sometimes.

And also, this "American Football" only Americans really like it, because the rest of the world doesn't.

This has nothing to do with football in reality, it's really rugby under the name football.

Football you kick the ball with your feet, hence the name. "Soccer" is a dumb ignorant word that Americans use it to describe the Real Football.
Player 1: Do you want to play American Football?
Player 2: Nah, that's lame.
by Mike JM November 19, 2010
This is an incorrect term and also offensive to define white people, as Caucasians are not white but brown.

Caucasian people are from Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, those countries so forth.

Please remember that White people are not Caucasian, it's stupid, ridiculous and offensive to say it.
I am from Turkey and I'm a Caucasian person.

I am White but not Caucasian.
by Mike JM September 04, 2010

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