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5W defines women who are horny.

"Cindy is 5W"

"I made Robyn 5W last night"

"Lacey couldn't control herself, we were all sure she was 5W"
#warm #wet #wild #wicked #willing
by Mike DaRosa May 01, 2006
The act of felatio on a male! It came around to replace the line "Blow Job" seeing as 90% of the time there is no act of blowing. It could be referd to as a suck job... but the female does not "suck" persay the majority of the time. She will usually maul the penis like a baby mauls on a pacifier. Hence the term "Pacifier Job" also known as a PJ!
Man, I could really go for a Pacifier Job right now!

Dude... She gives the best PJs!
#blow job #head #felatio #suck #blow #oral #suck it
by Mike DaRosa September 27, 2007
It originated in Continental Portugal. This guy walked into his house to find his wife having lesbian sex with another women using a Portugese Sausage as a double sided dildo. He was hungry from work and watching both women go at it made him horny. So he went down on her while eating the sausage. This is also known as a "Portymeal"

Now it may be used for describing Food with Sex. Whether it be eating a sandwhich while a girl is going down on you or what not
Im hungry n horny, I think im gonna have a Portugese Breakfast.
#portymeal #portugese #lunch #dinner #breakfast
by Mike DaRosa December 02, 2005
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