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A conceptual word defining the town of Norwalk, CT.
Also known as "da wack." Originated from Benjamin Afflick in the hit 1998 sci-fi thriller "Armageddon" when he, playing the role of A.J. Frost (post termination self-employed oil mogul) tries to wed Liz Taylor, daughter of a hard headed employer played by a pre-balding Bruce Willis.
Deedee - Yo LaQuanda, wasnt Derome at the sono movies yesterday with Jamarcus?
LaQuanda - Nah, that niggas on house arrest he isnt allowed out of norwack.

Greenwich yuppie - Charles, set aside your badminton racket and take a gander at this fine dane.
Charles - Why, she is sporting a "Bears" jacket. I believe that is a sign of Norwack, don't associate with those blokes.

Westport kid - Aw shit, we play Norwack's rugby team we're gonna get owned
by Mike Conte January 25, 2006
Culturally diverse town on coast of the Long Island Sound. There are plenty of sights to see including conspicuously painted stars located around the town. We also have a Stew Leonards that everyone used to love until they took away the candy bins and pre-packaged everything so you can't steal candy anymore. Lo and behold, if you skip 7th period and go mid afternoon, they have samples of orange juice, quality cheeses, and fresh produce. Refer to my other definition, Norwack, to see an alternate idea. Avoid the Andrews Field parking lot on the weekends because it is usually a hot spot for gang shoot outs, garbage dumping, drug dealing, and prolonged periods of band practice.

Also home to one of the worlds biggest (laugh) festivals, the Oyster Festival. The Oyster Festival is a fantastic experience. Allow me to facilitate your decision about attending. Whilst there, you can experience a variety of things,
1) The traditional gang fights resulting in police involvement and flinging of racial slurrs
2) Food poisoning was common in the people who ate chicken quesadillas at the Oyster Festival.
3) "Look at that faggot skydiver with his lame pink parachute."
4) "God damn it, the stupid shuttle bus is crowded."
5) "Hey, lets go into the art tent where we can buy absolute shit for a substantial amount of money."
6) "Are you kidding me, the fucking bumper cars are 3 tickets this year with tickets being $6.00 each? If we find the Z Score of the amount of energy consumed we find that these bastards are making a 540% profit on each customer."
7) "Whose going to buy 6 god damn Sobes to get a free T-shirt"
8) "Dude I saw Shawnton sporting a SIG P245 and a Code 3 Crosslock fold out behind the fun house."
Andrew's Field parking lot was fixated with proximity mines in order to decrease the number of gang members.
DaCuanda - Was you at the Oyster Festival?
Tyrese - Yea that busta with the parachute got stuck in the tree

Max - We have to get back to the shuttle bus so I can open my car at Calf Pasture
Tony - What's in there?
Max - I left my M1903-A4 there.
Tony - What do you need a Springfield for?
Max - The gang shootout in 15 minutes, duh.

"Bathrooms at Calf Pasture in Norwalk are scarce, so I shit on the dock while a majority of the community overfished the waters.
by Mike Conte February 20, 2006
Icon of absolute youth and ultimate epitome of joy and delight.
After winning Powerball, a feeling of daddona swept through my loins.
by Mike Conte March 30, 2005
The act of ejecting semen upon a female..or male unfortunately.. and tossing a handful of party glitter on them and yelling shazam! Your partner will be left with a mysterious trail of sparkle that will dazzle them for days to come.
Whilst Patty and I were having disguesting, sloppy sex behind the Piggily Wiggily on Third and Anderson, I spurted a quart of semen in her hair and doused the "semen fire" in a healthy serving of glitter, therefore comitting a fully imposed and valid shazam.
by Mike Conte May 18, 2006

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