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1.used to desribe chinese or asian people who ACT black or ghetto
2.The combination of two words chinese and nagga.
3. Asian person who DRESSES black or afro american.
4. Asain who is the only kind in a hood of other people (not white)
Look at that chagga in the mall he think he black.
Yo what up man you my chagga for real
by Mike Boatz November 24, 2007
the VC is described as a "hood" neighborhood in a surbuban cul-de-sac in Hamden Conneticut. There are many members which include funny real life characters like Curtis Shavoy Jordan Me Monique and many others Many events take place but mostly basketball. VC is Victoria Court.
Yo Kendall you comin to play ball in the VC?

Thats how we get it poppin in da VC!!!!

If you dont rep da VC we gotta problem here...........

Throw up da VC sgn
by Mike Boatz November 24, 2007

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