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A lame thing that young teenagers do it because they have no life and like to troll about which is the best and which is the worst.
Person 1: Dude, in this console wars battle PS3 is better than Xbox 360.

Person 2: I don't care. Get a life.
by Mike 300 November 03, 2010
Stupid gamers that argue which is the best console of the console war.
Dood, PS3 is so much better than all consoles ever existed.

You're completely retarded, just another consoletards.
by Mike 300 November 05, 2010
Nintendo 3DS, is the new DS which will have 3D-effect for the games.

As of, the graphics will likely be PS2/Wii no more than this.

It is said to cost 300$.

The 3D effect is supposed to be taken as a bonus not primarily for the games. Because gameplay matters.
3DS has PS2/Wii graphics and games seem to be pretty awesome, especially the new Dead or Alive!
by Mike 300 November 04, 2010

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