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1 definition by MikDeso

Portuguese surname. Only a few priviledge, attractive, amazing, intelligent, sexy and great Portuguese people have this surname. It means greatness and honour; a De Sousa will never disapoint. Once you have a friend "De Sousa" they are your friend for life (if they like you) but once you cross them, it's bad news. They are extremely loyal and outgoing, centre of attention. They'll never forget to remind you that it is a Portuguese surname. Usually, "De Sousa" comes from the Azorean Islands, which is across from the mainland continent Portugal. Azoreans however, are better-looking and more Portuguese than Lisbon. They never lack in Portuguese pride, sometimes it can even be too much.
Person 1: "Wow, that person is so confident and gorgeous, I wish I could be like them"

Person 2: "Hmm...they must be a De Sousa"
by MikDeso February 04, 2010