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A travelate is a person who can masterbate anywhere, he is not scared of a challange and will masterbate when he feels like it.
Wrieff: you know ryan
Dice: yea, why ?
Wrieff: he banged one out other day on back of bus haha
Dice: haha hes such a Travelate
Wrieff: He sure is
by Michael j connor January 25, 2008
A preety boy is a boy who cares about his self more than anyone else, making his self look preety with clothes, dying his hair and generaly being a girl.
"Tom is such a preety boy, he spends more time at the mirror than he does working"
by Michael j connor November 29, 2007
A noise a man makes before he ejaculates
Here it comes charlotte BLARGH !!!
by Michael j connor January 08, 2008

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