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A site that occupies otherwise wasted time for people with friends. Generally it is hated by the "hacking" community because large quantities of people from the said group have low self esteem and pick on others. Thus, there is more making fun of emo-kids and bands like Linkin Park. However, one only has to look at a couple things to reallize the "intelligence" of some leaders in the ranting contests.<br><br>First off, if 1337 is really the "hackers" language (I know many people who think so) then why do they use numbers to help make up words? Don't hackers often share IPs amongst each other for things as simple as pinging and as complex as Hijacking? If you tell them to ping 147.358.3589.27 or a similar IP (can't say I know much about IPs as I am not a hacker, excuse me if that format is wrong) and all your friend sees is "let.es8.ea8g.2t" because they spent pointless hours of their life familiarizing themselves with the "language" that they could have spent on myspace. One must also wonder why hackers would give themselves away by storing into AIM databases that such a language is only used by hackers, call themselves hackers, probably brag about things they supposedly did, and then use the "language" later on. The only why no arrests have come of this is because hackers don't use leet. It is absolutely idiotic to say so.<br><br>And this is the point where you wonder, is the hacking community making intelligent judgements about myspace? maybe not. For actual hackers who think myspace is lame even though they have never been there, try going <a href=http://fast.info/myspace/>here</a> to see the logs of a hacker who made one million users set "samy" as their hero. Myspace went down and everything, yet he says "I'm sorry myspace and FOX. I love you guys, all the great things myspace provides, and all the great shows FOX has"<br><br>So is myspace really a waste of time that is out to get the hacker community? No. In fact, its almost better with the hacking community than the usual kind of people who go there. It is a great place for coders to visit and chat with friends while coding their websites. Maybe post some bulletins asking about a coding problem, add a blog about what site you should make next, or advertising the one you just created.
"I'm sorry myspace and FOX. I love you guys, all the great things myspace provides, and all the great shows FOX has" ~former myspace hacker
by Michael Fairhurst November 13, 2005

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