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A mysterious doll made by Dr.Eggman,which was modeled after Tails.Tails Doll draws its power from a mysterious red ball on his head.Tails Doll has only appeared in Sonic R,though.
Tails Doll was created by Dr.Robotnik
by Micah Alsouss November 22, 2003
Sonic is the main character of the sonic gang.He is very fast,but Metal Sonic and Evil Sonic can match his speed.Sonic's main enemy is Dr.Eggman(Dr.Robotnik),Sonic has always managed to beat Dr.Eggman.Sonic's main buddy is Tails,and he always fights along with Tails as well.
Sonic keeps avoiding Amy.
by Micah Alsouss November 22, 2003
Chaos is a liquid life-form and the guardian and protector of chao.Chaos is VERY strong but has a warm heart.But Dr.Eggman made Chaos evil.Chaos changes every time it gets a Chaos Emerald.It goes from Chaos Zero to Chaos 1 to Chaos 2 and so forth.When Chaos gets all the Chaos Emeralds he becomes Perfect Chaos.When he did become Perfect Chaos,he planned to destroy the world on his own.Perfect Chaos did destroy the Egg Carrier.But when Chaos became Perfect Chaos,he only used the negative power of the Chaos Emeralds,allowing Sonic to still become Super Sonic.Super Sonic managed to defeat Perfect Chaos,when he did,Perfect Chaos went back to Chaos Zero,Chaos Zero was then on the good side again.Chaos Zero is friends with Tikal.
Chaos Zero was good again.
by Micah Alsouss November 22, 2003
Metal Knuckles is a cool robot modeled after Knuckles.He is evil.He can do any moves and attacks Knuckles can pull off.Plus,he has some deadly attacks of his own.Metal Knuckles has only appeared in a sonic comic book and Sonic R,though.Metal Knuckles and Metal Sonic make a dynamic duo.
Metal Knuckles threatened Knuckles.
by Micah Alsouss November 21, 2003
A liquid life-form who hates anybody who attack him or anybody that attacks chao,and any chao that attack him.
Chaos will knock you silly if you don't treat your chao well.
by Micah Alsouss November 22, 2003
Look under Chaos or preferably Chaos Zero for information.Try reading them both.
Chaos is cool.
by Micah Alsouss November 22, 2003
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