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3 definitions by Mic Wright

Out of control good, like you know your cruisin' down broad nipple and mad ho's give you the "look" but of course your into dudes so you don't care, but still if it was me on the other hand...
Man Mic is surely wikkid, I bet that boy can eat 20 burritos without shitting his pants.
by Mic Wright September 28, 2006
0 6
1. To start getting buck naked in prepartion for sex, usually the precusor to gettin' down, not really gettin' down but about to get down.

2. A male who is free with his body, often showing it off in public, cause he's nasty
1. Ay yo, Strawberry man, me and dis bitch was gettin' all buck nasty, then she sayz "you got protection?" I was like HELL NAW!

2. ay yo there is Tooth man gettin' all buck nasty at the beach!
by Mic Wright September 28, 2006
13 32
1. Girls getting horny in public, just so wild and out there that you can only say awesome. Or like your bro Tooth strip teasing cause he's fucking stupid out of his mind.

2. Any television show that is completely irrelevant and/or retarded. In this show you got a host that fixes every fucking show so his team wins, what's up with that?
1. "So yo Ricky, you got somethin' to bone tonight?"
"Yeah I was goin' wild n' out and doin' something on the low."
"what another dude?"
"naw man, your mom, cause she's a horse"
wah wah wah!!!

2. Hey this is Nick Cannon, I'm a giant penis.
by Mic Wright September 28, 2006
15 42