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A term referring to a severely obese or incredibly overweight sexual partner.
Oh man, I can't believe Don is hooking up with Lisa! That girl is a bounce house!
by MessiahRp November 04, 2010
Another name for someone with Down Syndrome. Since the Syndrome creates a dna gene that makes the males and females appear the same, the Same Face label applies to both genders.

Antonym: Different Faces, the name for those without Down Syndrome.
So we're going to be putting on a play at the Theatre for some Same Faces, want to come?
by MessiahRp November 19, 2010
To take any food and claim that it is healthy using the logic that anything from nature is inherently healthy. The key identifiers are if an item came from the ground (plant, tree, etc) or if it came from a natural being (man, animal) such as milk, etc.

The effect is using Kevin Bacon 'Six Degrees' style of trackbacks to nature and stretching natural chemicals into an excuse for anything to be healthy.
Chocolate is healthy for you. Chocolate comes from cocoa beans which come from trees. It is often made with milk which comes from cows. Trees and cows are natural beings, therefore Chocolate is easy to healthify.
by MessiahRp November 05, 2010
To Zigler is to find a way to mess anything up. More commonly, a Zigler is known as someone or something that has been around for a long time but has no positive effects on the current reality it is in.

Often times the aforementioned target of the Zigler description has found ways to be kept around despite no knowledge of how things work and no interest in or ideas for changing their current climate.
Man I thought Sears used to have a really cool catalog but they Zigler'd that all up and now they are a total disaster of a company!
by MessiahRp November 19, 2010

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