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4 definitions by Mertztown Mangler

The action of folding ones hands together and then fisting a vagina or anus at a high rate of speed. Typically crisco is applied to the forearms and fists. If you are a jilted lover perhaps you will give your partner an ungreased super double fister.
Dude, the other night Stevie D and his new girlfriend gave each other super double fisters - I heard the girlfriend gave stevie an ungreased super double fister. Man, his anus must lbe the size of a peanut butter jar.
by Mertztown Mangler July 20, 2010
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Similar to a Blumpkin, the act of one rubbing off whilst heaving a steamer.
"Last night at the Brass Eagle Stevie D got so hammerred he fell asleep on the toilet trying to give himself a Rubkin."
by Mertztown Mangler January 07, 2010
6 2
The adam's apple of a tall skinny man. Resembles a testicle and is highly distracting when the man is talking.
In the unlikely event you can get past Stevie D's red hair, ginger features, and skeleton like frame, I guarantee you wont be able to excuse his throat nut. That thing jumps up and down like richard simmons on pee wee hermans cock.
by Mertztown Mangler April 23, 2010
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A French word meaning A Tall Sleder, Ape Like Creature known for its red hair and often if not continuous migration. The Daignault is known to masturbate up to 5 times a day, and also eats its own feces. Many from Middle France (also known in the 1800s as Middle Earth, or Missouri) beleice the Daignault is a fecalfilliac, but in reality the Daig only dables in poop.
I think I just saw a Daignault run from the woods - he was sniffing a fresh poo pile, then he started jacking off with the poop!
by Mertztown Mangler July 20, 2010
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