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1. A young woman who is such a whore that she will fuck anyone and everyone and everywhere she can whenever she can, even on a fresh grave.
2. she also enjoys swallowing semen
guy 1. dude you fucked that stephanie lebar chick last night?

guy 2. yeah

guy 1. man that girl is such a cumdumpster you better get your shit checked out.

guy 2. fuck!!!
by mermaid_face August 20, 2009
expression used by hippie kids at Green Mountain College. It's the best way to locate friends in the woods at night.
person one: hey dude where'd Brent go?
person two: I dunno man let's koo-wee to him.

person one & person two: KOO-WEE!!

Brent: KOO-WEE!!

person one & person two: yeah they KOO-WEE'd us back he'll be ok.

Person one: let's spark this j and keep walkin'
by mermaid_face August 20, 2009
The feeling of joy or elation felt after finally getting to pee after being in a car for a long time.
After having 2 Arizona teas, and driving for 3 hours, Jenna was so Piss-elated when she finally stopped on the thruway to get gas!
by mermaid_face May 27, 2013
when someone or something is permanently stuck in your head, usually a song.
Summertime Sadness has been permastuck in my head for the past 9 months.
by mermaid_face June 10, 2014
Drinking massive amounts So-Co ( Like Janis Joplin) with you're best girlfriend and singing really bad and getting into all kinds of craziness, but having a wicked awesome time while doing so.
Last night Greer and I were Channeling Janis and Now all I want is a greasy breakfast and a diet coke. Wait, where did this hickey come from?!?
by mermaid_face July 26, 2011
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