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AKA Najiib Azad master and commander. Made his first appearance in 2006 at Khurram A. Mehtabdin's house in an epic game of "Call of Duty 2" on Haider Nazeer's Xbox 360.

The story (as told by legend) was that a Bengali hero named Najiib Azad entered the house of the peasant king Khurram and when Najiib Azad was requested to type in an alias he quickly surmised a name that would confer him an advantage over other aliases. First it was the R. Then it was the S. And with one final touch of the thumb, he entered the T. At that point, the gates of Isengard were unleashed and magical pixie fairies from the land of Gallatia bestowed the man now known as RST with special abilities (kind of like Captain Planet) such as the ability to run around the field in circles without using the map, fighting the cause for peace by not killing anyone in the game Call of Duty 2, and by hiding in bushes.

It is predicted, no, dare-say I, his destiny to one day become the first Bengali President of America. To take back the lands of his distant distant cousins the Native Americans to create a new nation --- Najiibazadia!

It is also said that if one figures out what the true meaning of RST really is, then the universe as it is today will no longer exist.
Khurram: "RST"
Najiib: "Yeah?"
Khurram: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

Haider: "Hey RST, can you give me some soda while you're waiting to spawn again in Call of Duty 2?"
Najiib: "Okay."

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