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I was searching for something and then I found what was right infront of me. It seems like common knowledge to me. A Juggalo is somebody how does unto others as they would want them to do unto them. Not giving a shit what people think about you and keeping going with people just like them having their backs. It's not a gang or common to most belief, it is not a religion. People think it is a religion because of the "Dark Carnival." (The Dark Carnival was dreamed by the ICP member Violent Jay and symbolized us dying and our souls getting gathered up and judged by how we did in this world with some thus interpreted literal or metaphorical meanings) The Dark Carnival simplie shows that we should do unto others in a good way and strive to go into a happy after life. The music may be violent, but that is simply because that is who they are. The Dark Carnival never mentions anything about not hurting or killing. It's a free lifestyle to be yourself. The Dark Carnival just lets you know that there is always consequences to what you do. We will all one day be judged is what it means. Each dream wheather real or not is a message of how to be better and that karma is a bitch but live how you live. Thats what it means to me and most. It is simbalized as the carnival being our world with 'the happy people' looking in at us like freaks, (thus the makeup) Like we don't belong, making us a freak in the carnival. But we rise above it and stick with our freaks and not give a fuck. Juggalos don't worship ICP or anybody, they just go through life not caring what others think, being themselves, and holding a meaning (even if not a literall meaning) to what is said by ICP and other Psychopathic Records artists. You don't see people going out and killing people just cause 50 cent does it do you?.....well......the world is full of nuts lol. I'm a freak and I face it with my fellow freaks. Do unto others, live your life, have each others backs, and hold morals hoping for better. Sounds like something ya'll should try to understand! It's not about breaking rules and being violent and dressing a certain way, it's about being yourself and being excepted by your homies. I did partake in a Fago shower. Which symbolizes washing away the judgement and the old to become anew and excepted. I don't have a religion anymore, I just have a moral standard, and a whole group that knows what it's like to be disliked.
Got morals and down for each other not excepted = Juggalo
by Me being a juggalo July 28, 2009

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