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A tiny kiss. Made with your hands by drawing your index and middle finger down and raising your thumb so both fingers meet half way, with your pinky finger and pointer finger up. Looking at this, your hand resembles the face of a small animal, with your thumb and middle/index fingers making the mouth. You then move your hand and make this "mouth" nibble someones ears.

The word is a noun, meaning that the hand in this state is refferred to as a gwep snog, as well as any actions done with it- including throwing sugar packets around a table or "drinking water" with it.

Origin: Gwep"Gwep," a word denoting "small", and "Snog," A british term for "kiss." Originated in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the late 90's.
"The night was kind of dull until he brought out the gwep snog."
by Mc Mockingbird Killah April 09, 2003
Weak, Small- similar to twerp, but less derisive.

See also: Gwep Snog Gwep Snog.
"That guy's a gwep."
by Mc Mockingbird Killah April 09, 2003
1. Recieving something extra than what was requested, particularly if it is counter-intuitively pleasurable. For example, asking for one day off from work and getting the whole weekend.

2. Can be used to quantify something you don't want others to know about- often drugs or money you have conned out of people.
1. "Yeah, my boss gave me the whole weekend off, and I was worried I would have no cash but I found a wad on the street outside- thats some bees in the soup."

2. "Hey Rick, I got three dead bees in the soup."
by Mc Mockingbird Killah April 09, 2003

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