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A person who is addicted to crystal meth and undergoes great changes in personality and appearance. The biggest populations are in small towns and rural areas. The drug is incredibly cheap and easy to manufacture, so no matter where you live there is probably at least 3-4 residents in your neighborhood making it in their garage.

There are a few very easy ways to spot a tweeker.

1. Very skinny, with especially gaunt faces
2. Complete disregard for appearance. They will have dirty clothes, be unshaven, messy hair, no makeup.

3. Appear to be much older than they actually are.
4. Brown teeth, often with many missing.

5. They have red sores all over themselves, this is from picking at their skin while high.
6. They are generally very paranoid and confused.

You can see them anywhere, in a small town it's not uncommon to see a dozen in the course of a day. Generally avoid them and don't give them the impression that you have anything of value. If you see them in a retail store, they are almost 100% guaranteed to steal something.

It's a sad transition, and almost always their journey ends in prison or death.
Drive to the oldest, shadiest area of your town and observe the people walking around, you will spot some tweekers almost immediately.
by Maximillian Van Der Mann January 22, 2011

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