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The 18th ranked University in the country, according to US News and World Report. Vandy also seems a bit preppy at first, but is really what you make of it. You don't have to wear polo shirts. You dont have to get the finest blonde women either. Usually the two go hand in hand. So, if your smart, you should come to Vandy, because the majority of those who slander it are probably just jealous because they were waitlisted or rejected, or just never applied because they weren't good enough. If your preppy and smart, congratulations, you will find the most attractive blonde women in all of the US, who just want you for your money, polo shirts and AVs. If your a middle class liberal New Yorker like me, bring your girlfriend from home!
Will: Are you going out tonight at Vanderbilt to drink, wear a polo shirt and pick up blondes with syphilis?
Matt: Eh, I think I'll get drunk tonight with my high school girlfriend and have sex with her instead. Then in 5 years I'll make more money than all of my friends.
Will: That sounds almost as good as never worrying about money at all!
by Matt the most excellent April 07, 2006

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