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(1) The sport of kings, played in the Boneyard...where the victors take the spoils and those defeated lie in anguish.

(2) A ghetto version of ping-pong
(1) I am the Champion of Jugball, now I will have my way with you.

(2) -Want to play ping-pong?

-Man, we don't have no paddles, but we're too fucked to not play....

-No problem man, just dump that water and grab some Nattys...we'll play Jugball
#jug-ball #ping-pong #juggball #boneyard games #sport of kings
by Master of the Boneyard October 05, 2011
Acronym for Fly Over State University, any large public university located in the uninteresting heartland of the United States.
"Go FOSU, beat FOSU!"
by Master of the Boneyard May 10, 2016
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