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A separated piece of hair, sometimes greasy, that awkwardly sits on your forehead. In most cases, it is only a single maegen if your lucky. But they may also occur in several groups. Multiple maegans are the worst. They are most commonly found on people with sideswept bangs and people who have naturally greasy hair, but anyone can get a maegan at anytime.
When a maegan is present, people will find it hard to concentrate on you while you are speaking, instead focusing on your maegan. They can be very obvious or very subtle. You can prevent them from forming sometimes, but once you have one it's stuck with you for the rest of the day. Maegans are the most awkward thing that can happen to you.
Do I have any maegens?
No, your hair looks fine.

EEEW I haven't washed my hair in a week and I'm starting to get maegans!

by Mary Katherine October 30, 2007

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