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An epipenis is a surgically altered penis capable of being used as a bludgeoning weapon. Used primarily to combat the vaninja but also used as a weapon to crush the skulls of opponents standing in the way of its wielder. Commonly found wielded by those whom have given up on traditional world takeover tactics...
While brainstorming ideas to take over the world he heard a voice in his head tell him that the only way to properly do it would be to slay the vaninja's and bludgeon his opponents with the Epipenis..
#epipenis #epicpenis #huge dong #penis extension #vaninja
by Mary Jane Rotton Crotch November 02, 2009
Incognoobrito - The act of pretending not to be at your keyboard the instant a known Noob enters the chat room.. This action will render you a ghost or otherwise un-recognizable to the offending newbie similar to being incognito.. Incognoobrito is a defense against the unwanted barrage of noobish questions that said newbie is about to spew forth to the first person he sees talking.
Man I was chatting it up with Becky and Fleet joined the chatroom... I totally had to go Incognoobrito to avoid talking to him!
#noob #annoying #incognito #hide #afk
by Mary Jane Rotton Crotch November 18, 2009
People on social networking sites such as facebook that sit around reading posts then proceeding to shit all over them. Typically seen when someone makes a post or status update containing some exciting news or an announcement. Then along comes the post pooper and posts something to destroy the mood of the post.
Ash: so I've decided I'm going back to school in the fall :)
2 hours ago via Facebook for BlackBerry · Comment · Like

Post Pooper: Hi ash... Not that my opinion counts for much however, proceed with caution. You have bitten off a lot lately. New job, new business (selling purses) and now school. I think you def go back if u want to go I just caution not to bite off more than u can chew all at once. Love ya
#downer #rain on your parade #facebook #postwhore #social networking
by Mary Jane Rotton Crotch May 25, 2010
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