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2 definitions by Martin Chammah

buenos aires is the capital city of Argentina, where the biggest port of Argentina is located. Home to many famous football (soccer) teams like: boca, river, tigre, velez.
Most of foreigners love it, it is a charming and cheap metropoli because our peso is devaluated. Anyways come to argentina, good country best landscapes of the world, best meat, ice creams & of course Girls
in Buenos aires is the presidents house, the congress(like a parliament) and many important things
los 3 fonomasters
by Martin Chammah August 30, 2006
Sound effect used to creat a sense of surprise. Onomatopyic word.
Jay:Tomarrow ill bring you the papers, the folder, and your momma in my balls.
-Sound effect: ¡¡¡¡¡¡CHAN!!!!!
Tom: Im gonna kill ya asshole
by Martin Chammah August 25, 2006