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The way Dick Clark pronounced "Happy New Year!" on a New Year's Eve broadcast following his stroke, often used as a clear sign of the obvious exploitation of Dick Clark purely for the ratings but more commonly used as a hilarious festive greeting.
8...9...7...6...4...2...Happy Dew Year, everyone!
by Marquis de Sacks December 31, 2010
A penis wiping away the tears from the sorrowful face of a girl who was just ass-raped.
Yo dawg, after I raped da shit outta dat shawtay, I had to use Nature's Kleenex cause she was mad cryin and shit.
by Marquis de Sacks January 09, 2011
Derived from the title of the eponymous 2015 film by Guillermo del Toro, it is a descriptive term for one's blood-soaked penis due to having engaged in vaginal intercourse with a girl on her period.
"What's wrong with Vin?"
" Oh, he's freaking out because Jackie didn't tell him she was on her period when she fucked him. She gave him a fucking Crimson Peak, man!"
by Marquis de Sacks December 20, 2015
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