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n. A shag, fuck, intercourse. Most common in northern UK, especially since "Rita, Sue and Bob too".
"Reet, yer fancy a jump?"
by markyharry February 09, 2005
Constable, slang for policeman, pig, rozzer and so on. Can be said to a policeman without them knowing.
Good Evening, Cunt Stubble.
What seems to be the problem?
by Markyharry June 29, 2005
n. Designer vagina, as a result of plastic labial surgery.
- My minge is well slack.
- You better get an Armani poonani like Posh.
by markyharry April 18, 2005
One who wears old man chic; grandpa fashions that are slowly working their way into the male wardrobe. e.g. cardigans, flat caps, thick rimmed specs, plaid and tweed.
- I just bought some new slippers and a cardy.
- You're a right gransvestite now, all you need is a pipe.
by markyharry February 20, 2006
Made famous in the mid-nineties in Somerset. A literal definition would be "isn't it just?", "yes, that's right" or "I agree".

Never really caught on but worth documenting in case lost forever.
- Wells carnival was a jolly affair.
- I know, 'bout that.

- See you at the bandstand?
- 'Bout that.
by markyharry May 22, 2008
To pimp out, change or improve on - as said by the mentally stagnant Tim Westwood on Pimp My Ride UK:
We pimped a granny's ride,
we flipped a granny's bus.
by markyharry March 16, 2007
vaguely gruesome, yet scarily accurate term for VAGINA, mige, muff and so on.
Mate, she had one hairy axe gash.
by markyharry December 10, 2004
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