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"Yup. It's a backdoor put in by the geeks who built these phone support systems back in the 1990's"
- xkcd Episode 806

A secret phrase used to allow programmers direct access to Technical Support people skilled in at least two programming languages.
Customer: "Hello, yes I've a problem with the network between my router and your systems"
Tech Support: "Okay, if you'll click the start button - "
Customer: "I don't have a start button, I'm running linux."
Tech Support: "oh, well we don't suport that"
Customer: "Shiboleet"
Tech Support: "Yes sir, right away!"
Informed Tech Support: "Yes sir, I see your issue, hang on a sec..." *type, type*
Informed Tech Support: "Alright, it should be fixed now"
Customer: "Thanks!"
by Markizano Draconus October 15, 2010

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