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Someone who will always be bashed and called a racist for not believing in ILLEGAL immigration

Someone who will always be called an imperialist for supporting the actions of Israel and the United States, although the US only has Guam and Puerto Rico as territories.

Someone who will ALWAYS be blamed for the worlds problems and be called the most contradictive insults imaginable. How can someone be an uneducated hick and still be part of the top 1% in society? How can you be a capitalist nazi? How can you be a racist Christian? Most of the morons on here write definitons saying that only the top 1% rich Christian whites are Republican, yet both elections were almost total 49-51% with Bush winning.

None of these definitons makes sense. You people couldn't be more ignorant. Oh, but who am I to say this? Some wealthy white nazi hick Bush "cocksucker"? I'm middle class, I'm only half white, Nazism was once Americas #1 enemy, I don't like Bush that much, I'm not a racist. It's just your ignorance and constant stereotypes that makes you reinforce your idiotic claims.

Also, this crap about tax cuts only benefiting the rich is bullshit. Read a book called "Why the Left Hates America". It's common sense that tax cuts could not only benefit the rich if you know anything about economics and basic 6th grade math.
I'm a republican. Does that mean I hate poor people and wish the destruction of anyone not white?

by Mark123 March 31, 2007

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