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2 definitions by Mark W. Schlemmer

applaudience noun describes the cummulative mass and noise factor generated by both large and small groups of fans when their musical or dramatic heroes perform particularly well.
The bass player winked at his mates and nodded his thanks at the applaudience. Geez, I thought this was just going to be
a little brodown when we got here, he thought to himself.
by Mark W. Schlemmer January 12, 2006
J.P.S. noun; abbreviation for Just Plain Shit, a shorthand
way of indicating things are not going well, particularly in an environment where being too blunt might be hazardous to ones employment or perhaps a significant relationship
We looked at the blueprints, then remeasured the proscenium, and we all agreed that the architect's rendering was J.P.S.
by Mark W. Schlemmer January 12, 2006