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1. Hardly used name. Mostly found in East- Europe.

2. Galo refered to someone with an exciting life and great posibilities in life.

3. Galo, A god worshiped in the ancient times. Galo was known for his power among his people. When he battled for his throne he killed 2 kings and got assasined 4 times himself and survived all those attacks, What made him God for many people.

4. Galo, Reference for coolness among youth. Galo is the kind of kid everyone wants to be.

5. Galo, Superiority among others. Galo is often used as an expression for Superiority and power.

6. Galo was in the old days a common name for the children of kings and other importent people. Citizens that named their child Galo often got executed for disgrasing the name. Only high powerd and importent people are called Galo, even these days.
Galo the king of peru and south egypt
by Marine Shamberts April 19, 2005

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