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Federal Penetantiary located above the Hudson River. Also known as The Hudson High School for Underprivileged Girls . Although it is known by some to produce commissioned officers for the United States Army; its primary purpose is to make Navy's football team look good. Populated by Cadets; applicants must either obtain a nomination from their congressman, or accept attendance there as an alternative to a lengthy prison term. Remarkably, it defies the time-space contiuum in that though it is only about 50 miles from the center of New York City; it is nearly 1000 miles from civilization. It is also located immediately to the north of a small anthopological dig known as "The Highland Falls Project." Tourists are encouraged to roll their windows up when driving near or past the United States Military Academy as people have complained about having diplomas thrown into their cars.
He didn't get accepted to the Naval Academy, so he had to go to the United States Military Academy.
by Marine Cannoneer December 22, 2011
The small school of about 450-475 students directly across the street from the United States Naval Academy. Also known as St. John's College. Student body is composed of the most brilliant individuals in the world. They must first learn Greek before they can study geometry as they read directly from Euclid. Known as Johnnies, they are rarely seen outside their cloistered campus in Annapolis as they spend most of theirextracurricular time contemplating their belly-buttons. Though not generally known for their physical prowess, Johnnies eschew all intercollegiate sports except croquet. Annually they either cross the street to the Naval Academy or permit the Midshipmen to enter their isolated campus; and then routinely crush them in a humiliating spectre that few can watch on a full stomach. It is on this one day yearly, that they release their pent-up primal energy in a blood-orgy of croquet domination. Then they return to their world, close their gates, never to be heard or seen again until the next year.
For those who desire a classical liberal arts course of study, but who do not desire to serve in the military, I suggest the United States Navel Academy at Annapolis, MD.
by Marine Cannoneer December 23, 2011

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