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2 definitions by Marie McCruden

An untalanted horrorcore rap group that has 3 major flaws.
1) they rap about the grosest freakiest crap that no one but perverts and pedafiles like to listen to. 2) they have the most annoying voices ever not really squeaky but high pitched and nasiating to listen to. 3) even if they did not have annoying voices and didnt rap about sick stuff they would still suck because they can NOT rap when they try to they sound simply like a bunch of fucked up whiggers.
Dave: Why do you have this ICP cd Mark
Mark: When I'm in trouble instead of getting grounded I get locked into a room with this screwed up music playing.
Dave: I'm suprised your still alive
by Marie McCruden December 30, 2006
264 119
In my opinion one of the best songs from the rapper Eminem and featured on his movie 8 mile and is the first song on the 8 mile soundtrack

Lose Yourself is an inspiring song.
by Marie McCruden December 11, 2006
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