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A race of white people (most commonly found in large cities of central europe) with slightly darker skin than an average person, who live from stealing, robbing, mugging, cheating, kidnapping, raping and prostitution. They refuse to work even if they are offered a job. They live in dirty conditions, in houses that are about to collapse, or just houses made from scraps of metal and cardboard they find. They have no hygiene and therefore lose their teeth by the age of 40.
Gipsies swarm the streets after sunset and are out until about three in the morning. They like to hang out near pubs, and gambling places in large cities.
Gipsies from ages 12 upwards are often feared of due to their aggressive nature. They often attack children AND adults with knives to steal their mobile phones, belongings etc.

Some people say gipsy isn't a type of people. Its a way of life. However they are right, being a gypsy or "having nomadic habit of life" usually runs in the family.
Example of the word being used in sentences:
Hey, that gipsy stole my phone!
Yesterday i was attacked by three gipsies.
by Marceee June 06, 2009

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