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The vehicle of choice for many badasses in the 1950s and 1960s. Now a commodity like golf clubs and Hummers for stupid Republicans.
What's the difference between a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner and a Harley Davidson motorcycle? With the Hoover, the dirt bag rides on the front.
by Mao Tse Dum Dum March 08, 2008
Technically this doesn't exist (geniuses), because terrorists vote through the barrel of a gun (to paraphrase Chairman Mao Tse Tung, who also coined the phrase "political correctness" during the Cultural Revolution in 1960s China). In short, terrorists don't find the political process to be worth their participation, so they commit acts of terrorism to terrorize people instead of voting like your rich f--king parents do.
Al Quida doesn't believe in terrorist voting, when it's so much easier to blow up a Jewish pizzeria or put nukes in the Super Bowl.
by Mao Tse Dum Dum March 08, 2008
The substitute for Jesus Christ among left-of-center Democrats.

Shorthand for Barack Hussein Obama (b. 1961, Somalia), the leader of one of the most successful religious cults since Jim Jones - the leader of the People's Temple in 1970s San Francisco (later Guyana, South America).

In 2008, Obama is overwhelmingly the mainstream media's choice for U.S. President.

The most successful politician currently in American politics.

When speaking of Obama it is considered racist to mention his Islamic origins or his middle name.

Barack Hussein Obama likes to be referred to as simply "Obama" much like Ioseb Vissarionovich Jugashvili liked to be called Stalin, the "man of steel." (See also: Nero, Caligula, Hitler, Mao, Che, Lenin, Marx, et al).

Currently claims membership in the cult-like Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois. The mission statement of this church is:

"We are an African people, and remain true to our native land, the mother continent, the cradle of civilization."
Master Obama said that the Sermon on the Mount was about homosexual marriage. No one in the media seemed to find this comment even the least bit controversial.
by Mao Tse Dum Dum March 10, 2008

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