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Chronamut is, in the kindest possible words, a narcissistic megalomaniac who derives intense sexual pleasure by arguing with people on Internet forums. His usual strategy is to enter a forum, lie in wait for a few weeks while the regulars accept him, and then inform them that he is, in reality, a 12th dimensional half-elven king. When they refuse to bow down to him and point out that he is an egotistical bastard, he not-so-calmly informs them that they are seeing their own over-inflated egos reflected off of his flawless soul.

Warning to the population of the Internet:
If you should encounter Chronamut in your browsing, please tolerate (or even better, ignore) his delusions of grandeur and remove him from any position of power.

Thank you,
The World
ThreeJumps- what is the name of your higher self?

Chronamut- oh, Crai. His full name is Crai'riain, which stands for Crethis Liun, or enlightened archer (a title given to him for his involvement in the Realm Wars). He is the god of adaptability, and the king of an entire civilization in the Neutral Realm. I know many people that have higher selves who serve under him.

ThreeJumps- Fascinating- are they aware of this servitude?

Chronamut (rambling)- His father, Lethi Fedtree Liun of the Hunters of Nibiru bloodline, is the best elven hunter of the elves and his uncle is leader of the elves. His mother was Lady Averi, Lord of the heaven realm Nastros. She was killed by Chronos. Crai was always kinda destined for greatness. Right now, he currently commands about 40% of all the warriors across reality in the upcoming war.

Chronamut (finally paying attention)- yeah, they do. And did you know that Crai is 950 billion years old?
by MalarkeyoftheKings March 31, 2012

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