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If you are familiar with the village and town of New Paltz, then cleary you have enjoyed yourself in this area before, or know someone who has. Enough interest has been circulated regarding this small town that it has become inundated with wealthy yuppies from the city, college drop outs/graduates, SUV driving tourists with New Jersey license plates who clog up the main road, tattoo-faced-train-hopping hobos, binge-drinkers, ugly-potheads, more stores to buy crap than any other products and tons of places to eat but no where you want to go. This once untainted, semi-uninhabited, esoteric, mountain town, home to farmers, earth loving hippies, talented artists and other smart people, is on it's way to becoming the next "big" tourist trap without an ocean. Much like Woodstock (just a town and not home to the famous concert), New Paltz is coining in on hearsay and taking a turn towards the tourist money making scene.
Joe: "Where are you from?"
Jane: "New Paltz."
Joe: "Oh, that's where that guy decided to marry all those gay couples."

by Madamme Knowsalot January 02, 2007

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