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Word use to show authority but in a bigger more dictatorial way, used by people who have more power over others or people that think they have more power than others.

It is known to be used by the character Eric Cartman in Comedy Central's show, South Park.
Eric said, "Respect my authoritay" to the teacher.
by Machete Afincao April 21, 2007
1.Presejo is a friend who bothers or makes fun of you all the time, and gets on your nerves. But you still manage to like him.

2.Presejo also is a friend thats a parasite a friend that sticks to you and kills your immune system."Meaning your defenseless because he keeps making jokes and you can't stop laughing"
90% of gringos are presejos.
90 % de gringos son presejos.
by Machete Afincao April 29, 2007

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