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An overrated basketball player. Jordan always gets all the credit for the Chicago Bulls winning 6 NBA titles, but people fail to mention that the team also had the best rebounder in the NBA in Rodman, the best swingman in the NBA in Pippen, and a myriad of effective role players such as BJ Armstron, Horace Grant, and Steve Kerr, that he would have not come anywhere near winning a title without. Jordan was a good scorer and a solid man-to-man defender, but that's about it. His popularity mainly came from his early years when he won two slam dunk competitions and got major endorsement deals. By the way, when Jordan was the only solid player on that team in his early years, the Bulls absolutely stunk. Like rotten used up hooker ass.
Bob: "The Bulls were a great team."

Joe: "Yeah, and Michael Jordan got too much credit. And he cheated on his wife. What a dick."
by MREMR76 September 11, 2009

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