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Nut-huggers, jet black hair with possibly a blond or red or blue or some other colored streak with those fucking bangs that hang down over your eyes so no one can see you cry. you like dinosaurs, robots, ninja turtles, zombies, the Goonies, the Power Rangers,a shitload of bracelets and dumbass socks, buying clothes at good will, anything that reminds you of your childhood because life today sucks and your parents are getting divorced and your girlfriend broke up with you. you should all kill yourselves.
i am calling for a scene Holocaust. the complete eradication of juvenile stupidity. the way Darwin would want it. the way Mother Nature would want it. George Carlin said it the best "entirely too many lives are being saved by airbags and batting helmets... think of it as passive eugenics."
by MARK P-FUNK March 19, 2006
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