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Roblox is an online interactive LEGO-like game. It was originally created in 2005. (It's also a rip-off of Blockland.) Thousands of people around the world play this game. (Mostly 4-11 year-old's) So if you play this, you can't go to a single game without getting reported and most likely to get banned for a short amount of days. (It really depends on what you did to get banned.) From my experience, you most of the time get banned for saying something inappropriate like cussing or racism. Other times like getting reported for being a noob or teamkilling, you don't get banned or even a warning.
On random Roblox team deathmatch server
10 yr old: Teamkills a 6 year old
6 yr old: OMG, WTH?
10 yr old: What? It's not against the rules
6 yr old: Yes it iz! I r gonna report u!
Sudden argument montage
6 yr old leaves crying to his mom for 10 yr old owning him
by Lukas Uszodi October 20, 2011
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