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A disgrace to everything the monkeys worked so hard for.

People who will take every single thing in the damn bible literally
That's Jeff, he's a Fundamentalist Christian .
He Believes that it took 7 days for the universe to begin, when it takes years for coliding energy to form the smallest particle of mass.
He is totally fine with killing of some billion-or-so people as long as they either were homosexual, working on the sabbath, or not a super jesus friend like himself.
by Ludwig Von Gangsta April 10, 2008
A fraternity-associated contest where two people ,who have to shit, put their asses together and each person tries to shit into the other's asshole. Very nasty, but extremely funny to watch.
Dude, patrick got bragging rights for the whole year for beating Donny in the hershey suprise.
by Ludwig Von Gangsta March 15, 2007
A blackguard is a knight that serve opposite of a paladin. Blackguards go about with corrupting, sneaking, committing treachery, and straightforward smiting of good. They are often called Antipaladins because of their wholly evil nature. They often wear black armors with lots of nice bloodstains.
Steve was the blackguard of the group, he loved nothing more than to rip the heads off of those lousy dogooders.
by Ludwig Von Gangsta May 25, 2008
A type of invented Slang used in the book a Clockwork orange that combines Russian words with the occaisonal schoolboy speak. Without the propper guide or some russian speak in you, it can be extremely difficult to understand.
Sentence in Nasdat: But when we got into the srteet I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones, and that the oomny ones use like inspiration and what Bog sends.
by Ludwig Von Gangsta January 16, 2008
Acronym: Live Action Rick Roll

To dress up as Rick Astley and go to public places with a stereo blazing "Never Gonna Give You Up". Often Done at public events in order to distract a large crowd.
In March 2008, at Eastern Washington University, a look-alike went to 4 different basketball games and started a LARR. Videos of this exist on youtube.
by Ludwig Von Gangsta June 13, 2008
A paradoxal word. It is so because 'yiffniff' cannot actually be spelled, as it was read in the 2007 FCAT writing assessment. It is now referred as a transitive/intransitive verb, an adjective, adverb, an adverb describing a verb/adjective, a noun, or a general exclamation. It is also a great substitute for profanity such as 'fuck', since it is so versatile.
Yiffniff can be spelled (and has been tried to be spelled) as follows:

and so on and so forth.
by Ludwig Von Gangsta May 10, 2008

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