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Peppermint Creeps are an outrageous looking Glam Pop Punk Band from Hollywood California. They are weel known for the colorful Bright Red hair, and makeup they are always seen in.

The Band has been around since 1997 and has former members of 80's glam band "Pretty boy Floyd", punk legends "Total Chaos", "Christian death", "Psycho Gypsy", and "Heart Throb Mob".

Traci Michaelz in the best drummer ever! They have been seen on vh-1, mtv, fuse and are all over myspace.

Peppermint Creeps Rule!
glam rock, pop punk, blink 182, ramones, motley crue, total chaos, poison, faster pussycat, pretty boy floyd, shock rock, kiss, psyco gypsy, heart throb mob, shock rock, nikki sixx

Peppermint Creeps Rule!
by Luci Lawless July 23, 2006
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