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A term originated from Black and African slang, but adopted by the white youth, Chavs, and anyone with a heightened sense of irony.

Is an example of "Word crushing", where two words have been forced together to make conversation easier and more pleasant.

Literally means "What's going on", or in it's slang term "What's gwarnin'?"
"Easy blud. Wagwarn with yourself?"

"Yo, Rob! Wagwarn for New Years mate?"
by Luc Meredith January 05, 2008
As an internet variation of the term Doppleganger. Defines the act of searching your own, or someone else's full name on Google, and finding someone completely different, but sharing the same name.
"Hey Rob. How's it going?"
"It's good man, but I found my Googleganger. He's from Canada and likes bondage..."
by Luc Meredith January 05, 2008
1. Used (sarcasticly) by intertube users to point out an idiotic statement or message on forums or blogs.

2. Used genuinely by people of lower intelligence, or internet noobs.

3. Used when you read something that actually makes you laugh out loud. Lol is used when someone can not be bothered to respond, but "lolling out loud" means you are actually entertained.
"FAIL. lol out loud!!!11!!one111"

"fake. lol out loud though"

"Man, you're a funny bastard, I actually lolled out loud!"
by Luc Meredith April 23, 2008

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