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north stamford, a section in stamford located in the south-western part of connecticut where the houses are huge and the kids are preppy. Mostly everyone lives on at leased an acre of land and owns more than one expensive car. The uniform is a polo with a popped collar and abercrombie & fitch stressed jeans or abercrombie & fitch stressed jean mini skirt.

where people belong to country clubs, everyone knows everyone and most kids are prefered best friends with someone that lives in new canaan or greenwich.

some kids hang out at the stamford town center, but most go out and retreat to more civil areas like the ave or 'town' in new canaan. Although, at one point in each kids life, they tried to be 'ghetto' like the rest of stamford. Most North Stamfordians are scared of getting mugged or have been mugged in downtown such people lock their BMW's and Lincoln Navigators when cruising through such areas.

you will most likely find deer in the backyard & great deal of woods and ponds.

and each kid knows of atleased one celebrity that lives in the area.
kid 1: you live in stamford?
kid 2: yea
kid 1: so are you like ghetto or something
kid 2: no i live in north stamford
kid 1: oh! so your mega rich!
by Lovely Lovely September 03, 2005

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