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The act of a man twisting his penis in reverse, and inserting it into his own anus, causing the penis to resemble an ostrich burying its head into the sand.
Did you hear about Jimmy? His mom was traumatized when she walked in on him doing the ostrich!
by Louden Swain September 29, 2011
Extremely hot diarrhea that burns your anus on the way out. Usually the result of eating spicy Mexican food, followed by a long night of drinking.
Dude my anus is burning, I've had Firehea all morning!
by Louden Swain September 29, 2011
When a woman's nipples are so hard, they could gouge a baby's eye out.
Guy #1: Hey did you see that movie Columbiana? That girl had some perky-ass tits.

Guy#2: Yeah, straight Nipsicles the entire movie!
by Louden Swain September 29, 2011

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