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A form of poop sex involving rolling in feces while contained in a closed environment - most commonly a sleeping bag.
I gave Sarah the ol' Benson steamer that night we went camping while my mom watched.
by Lorquas April 20, 2005
This particular penis is perfect in every dimention, it is often used by Sweedish scientis to calibrate their instruments. Also has uses as a compas and a tuning fork in the key of A. Was used in 1967 to calculate Pi to one million decimal places.
"Thats perfect! You could put the Molet Penis to that!"
by Lorquas April 20, 2005
The act of eating a large steak and deficating it in log form and then useing the resluting log to penetrate any orafaice.
Take him 'round back and give the brown pound.
by Lorquas April 20, 2005
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