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Gilwad is an acronym which stands for ‘Grandpa I’d Let Wine And Dine Me, Pay For Bigger Breast Implants, And Then Fuck Them Until I Come Silicone’. This term was first mentioned in the film Another Gay Movie.
Buffy: “Dude’s a fucking Gilwad, girl.”

Susie: “What a Gilwad, Buffy?”

Buffy: “G.I.L.W.A.D. Grandpa I’d let wine and dine me, pay for bigger breast implants, and then fuck them ‘til I come silicone.”

Tiki: “That is’a too’a many letter, Buffy. Does not’a add up.”

Buffy: “I am a cheerleader, Tiki. Not a calculator.”
by Lorenzo Kinderfeld August 04, 2007
Jimmy Bennett is an American child actor. He was born on February 9, 1996.
Jimmy appeared in about 30 commercials throughout his first year of acting. He has been in many movies, some of which including: Hostage, Firewall, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, The Amityville Horror, Poseidon, and Evan Almighty.

Some of his favorite pastimes are, playing guitar, skateboarding, and watching horror films.
Neil: Damn mothafucka! Jimmy Bennett really is one of the most talented actors I know of...

Kaila: Ohmygodzorz! I know right!? Jimmy Bennet is like to hottest boy everr! I totally squirt clam juice 50 times every time I see him!

Neil: Go watch the Disney Channel and pick on your pet clam, gilwad.

by Lorenzo Kinderfeld August 04, 2007
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