2 definitions by Loooooozan

The act of rotating hos in order to preserve pussy freshness.
Dude, I'm gonna need some hotation tonight, Tits McGee is getting on my fucking nerves.
by Loooooozan December 09, 2008
An imaginary figure that has illusion of a large volleyball block when playing on a standard 8' height men's net. The reality is that "Rob Roof" is really only 1/4" over the net and was able to block the hitter merely because the opposing setter didn't set the ball high enough.

Occasionally, "Rob Roof" will block someone with a vertical 10 times of himself and will react in a frenzy, jumping around, yelling, and basically making a fool of himself. This phenomenon is known as little man syndrome.

It is best to just smile at "Rob Roof" when he is acting this way and say nice job rather than enraging him, otherwise you may risk being put on his tea bag list.
Damn, Rob Roof is going crazy over there at the block he just had even though we're playing on a women's net and he just stuffed a 9 year old girl.
by Loooooozan January 28, 2009

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